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South Korea boy band BIGBANG rocks in Japan

South Korea boy band BIGBANG set to end successful tour in Japan

South Korea boy band BIGBANG rocks in Japan

TOKYO (AP) -- South Korean pop group BIGBANG is set to end a massively successful tour of Japan, cementing its status as one of the more popular boy bands in Asia.

The five-member band closes out the tour, with stops at all six of Japan's domed stadiums, with three shows starting Saturday in Osaka.

The band is popular because, unlike some of the manufactured Korean pop music, its members often write and produce their own music, a mix of electronic sound, hip hop and rap.

That combination also means fans follow the band for other trends as well.

"The fact that people look at what we created, whether it is fashion, music or dance moves, and are willing to follow them, makes us feel good because we feel like we provided great inspirations to them," BIGBANG member Taeyang said during the band's stop in Tokyo.

The 16-show tour is expected to draw about 770,000 fans when it is finishes next week.

Band leader G-Dragon, one of the top-earning artists in South Korea, said the band members were nervous at the start of the tour, but relaxed as the shows started and "were able to have fun with each performance."

The other members of the band are T.O.P, Daesung and Seungri.

Updated : 2021-05-15 19:30 GMT+08:00