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FBI looks into threats ahead of rhino hunt auction

FBI looks into threats against Texas hunting club members over auction for rhino hunt permit

FBI looks into threats ahead of rhino hunt auction

DALLAS (AP) -- The FBI says it's investigating death threats made against members of the Dallas hunting club that intends to auction off a rare permit to kill an endangered black rhino.

FBI spokeswoman Katherine Chaumont says the agency is reviewing multiple threats against the Dallas Safari Club. The club on Saturday is auctioning a hunt permit granted by the African country of Namibia. The group says all proceeds will go to rhino conservation efforts.

Club Executive Director Ben Carter says his family and club staff have received threats.

The auction is part of the club's annual convention in Dallas.

Wildlife groups say the hunting of an endangered animal is inappropriate. But Carter says it's meant to cull aggressive rhinos and protect the larger herd.

Organizers say the permit could fetch $1 million.