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Haiti police: killers targeted moto-taxi drivers

Police in Haiti recover bodies of at least 9 moto-taxi drivers apparently targeted by gang

Haiti police: killers targeted moto-taxi drivers

THOMAZEAU, Haiti (AP) -- Haitian and U.N. authorities are searching a remote area for the remains of moto-taxi drivers who were apparently targeted by a robbery gang.

A local police commissioner says the bodies of 9 drivers have been found so far and the search is continuing for additional victims. Commissioner Pierre Lesley Charles says three suspects are in custody. The suspects are believed to have lured drivers to the rugged area and killed them with machetes or by strangulation.

A 20-year-old suspect led police and an investigative magistrate to the site on Wednesday to search to help locate and identify remains. U.N. police were also assisting the search.

The area where the killings occurred is a cactus-studded no-man's-land near the town of Thomazeau, northeast of Port-au-Prince and west of Lake Azuei.