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Smoke cloud covers Chile's capital after fires

Chile's capital blanketed with smoke cloud from nearby forest fires

Smoke cloud covers Chile's capital after fires

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) -- The Chilean capital is being blanketed by a smoke cloud drifting from nearby forest fires.

Residents of Santiago have been suffering from high levels of air pollution caused by the fast-spreading forest fires. The blazes that started over the weekend have caused more than $100 million in property losses.

On Wednesday afternoon strong winds carried a thick blanket of smoke into Santiago, where 40 percent of Chileans live. Firefighters have been struggling with the blazes as the wind has reignited several of them.

The city government is warning residents about the poor air quality and asking them to avoid exercising outdoors. Deputy Health Secretary Jorge Diaz says there could be very high levels of pollution.

Updated : 2021-06-13 13:05 GMT+08:00