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France fines Google $204,000 over privacy policy

French regulator fines Google $204,000, saying new single privacy policy breaks rules

France fines Google $204,000 over privacy policy

PARIS (AP) -- The French digital privacy watchdog is fining Google 150,000 euros ($204,000) for breaking rules on ensuring data privacy.

The CNIL agency says Google's new privacy policy -- which applies to all of its services from e-mail to calendars -- isn't specific enough about how and why it collects data from users and doesn't define how long it keeps such data, among other problems. EU authorities have also said the new privacy policy doesn't follow their rules.

Google has contended that the new policy is simpler and complies with European law.

Since the company did not change its policy as requested, the CNIL said Wednesday it is fining Google. The agency also asked the search giant to post a statement about the decision on its French homepage,

Updated : 2021-06-25 15:49 GMT+08:00