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Study cites 'dangerous weak link' in nuke security

Study says fewer countries have nuke materials but cites 'dangerous weak links' in security

Study cites 'dangerous weak link' in nuke security

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A new U.S. study says the number of countries possessing the building blocks of a nuclear bomb has dropped by almost one-quarter.

That reduces the chance of terrorists or other groups obtaining weapons-usable nuclear materials, but the study said there remain "dangerous weak links" in nuclear material security that could be exploited by extremists.

The study was released Wednesday by the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a private group that seeks to increase public attention to the dangers of nuclear proliferation.

The study said Mexico, Sweden, Ukraine, Vietnam, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary have removed all or most of the weapons-usable nuclear materials on their territories since 2012.

Updated : 2021-07-29 02:08 GMT+08:00