Movie on boy's Holocaust fate premieres in Poland

German director's movie on Jewish boy's Holocaust survival premieres in Poland

Movie on boy's Holocaust fate premieres in Poland

WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- A stirring movie by German Oscar-winning director Pepe Danquart about a Jewish boy struggling to survive the Holocaust is having its premiere in Poland.

A German-French coproduction, "Run, Boy, Run" is the true story of 10-year-old Yoram Friedman who escaped the Warsaw ghetto in 1943 and -- hunted by the Nazis -- hid in the woods near the city, occasionally getting help from farmers, but also facing indifference, hatred and betrayal.

The premiere Wednesday at Warsaw's Jewish History Museum will be attended by Friedman, Danquart and Israeli writer Uri Orlev, who told Friedman's story in a 2001 book. The movie is to be released in Germany, the U.S, Israel and Japan, among others.

Danquart's "Black Rider" won the 1993 short movie Oscar.

Updated : 2021-04-12 06:43 GMT+08:00