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TVBS poll shows Chu over Ko for Taipei Mayor

TVBS poll shows Chu over Ko for Taipei Mayor

An opinion poll conducted by cable news station TVBS shows that if the election for Taipei mayor were held now, New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu would defeat Ko Wen-je, Director of the Trauma Department at NTU Hospital in Taipei. While the poll results are interesting, their value is debatable as the election is still more than ten months away, Ko continues to dance around the question of whether he would join the DPP and run as the party candidate, and Chu reportedly would prefer skipping the Taipei race to focus on a 2016 presidential run instead.

The poll also included questions on the 2016 race, revealing that those sampled are about evenly split on the prospect of a contest between Chu and former DPP chair Tsai Ing-wen, with each drawing a share of 42%. Chu fared better against Tainan mayor William Lai at 44% to 36% and even better against current DPP chair Su Tseng-chang at 48% to 33%.

In polling regarding the Taipei mayor’s race, Chu led Ko Wen-je 55% to 39% and also scored better than 50% against either lawyer Wellington Koo or former Vice President Annette Lu. Another possible candidate for Taipei mayor from the Blue camp, Sean Lien, trailed Ko Wen-je 44% to 47%.

Looking at the poll numbers, Ko Wen-je smiled and remarked on the Taipei mayor race saying, “Some people have yet to announce whether they are running, the parties have yet to nominate their candidates, and financial backers have yet to make any move, so it’s too early for anyone to be happy about the results.”

Updated : 2021-06-18 16:05 GMT+08:00