Early retirement costs Tainan judge NT$7M

Early retirement costs Tainan judge NT$7M

Lee Wen-fu, a judge in the Tainan District High Administrative Court, has opted to take an early retirement after he was photographed last year entering a hotel with a teen-aged girl. By taking his retirement a couple of months short of the age of 65, Lee will forfeit some NT$7 million of what he would have qualified for if he had waited until his birthday in March to step down.

Prosecutors in Tainan say they had been observing Lee for a long time to obtain evidence of immoral behavior, finally capturing Lee and a teen-age girl as they went into a hotel in New Taipei City in June last year. Confronted with the photos, Lee confessed to his misdeeds and was suspended of his duties by the court. He has now decided to retire rather than fight the charges against him,

In a joint press conference on Tuesday the Ministry of Justice and the Agency Against Corruption disclosed that during the latter half of last year, a total of seven personnel in Taiwan’s judicial authority including judges and administrative staff were under investigation or in administrative processing in cases related to extramarital affairs or other situations. They reminded heads of government ministries and agencies that they must be vigilant in supervising personnel in their respective offices to ensure that they are free of corruption and other behavior that could compromise them in performing their duties.

Updated : 2021-02-25 04:51 GMT+08:00