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Mexico detains 2 Canadians in fire bombing

Mexico detains 2 Canadian women in incendiary attack on government office

Mexico detains 2 Canadians in fire bombing

MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Mexico City police have detained two Canadian citizens in connection with a fire-bomb attack on a government transportation department office and a car dealership.

An official of the city prosecutors' office who was not authorized to be quoted by name said Tuesday that the two Canadian women were detained Sunday.

A Mexican man was also detained. Prosecutors say the three face possible charges of causing damages to the office and the nearby car dealership.

The motive in the attack was not immediately clear. Some Mexico City banks have been hit in recent years by small incendiary devices. Those attacks have been attributed to small groups of leftists or animal rights activists.

Canadian embassy officials were not immediately able to confirm the women's names or home towns.