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Long shots: Galaxies from 13.2 billion years ago

Hubble spies deeper, farther than ever for pictures of galaxies from 13.2 billion years ago

Long shots: Galaxies from 13.2 billion years ago

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Hubble Space Telescope has captured snapshots of never-before seen galaxies far, far away. Try 13.2 billion years ago.

That is so long ago and far away that Hubble was never supposed to see these clusters of baby stars.

The images show a universe only 500 million years after the Big Bang, when most of the infant galaxies were about 1 percent the size of our Milky Way. But astronomers say they already have a surprise.

Astronomer Garth Illingworth of the University of California Santa Cruz said while most of the galaxies are dwarfs, some grew faster and are far brighter than predicted.

The pictures were released Tuesday at the American Astronomical Society conference in Washington.

Updated : 2021-06-19 21:32 GMT+08:00