A chronology of those who died in 2013

A chronology of those who died in 2013


Sept. 2

-- Ronald Coase, 102, a British-born Nobel Prize laureate and a pioneer in applying economic theory to law, in Chicago after a brief unspecified illness.

-- Frederik Pohl, 93, an author who over decades gained a reputation for being a literate and sophisticated writer of science fiction, in Palatine, Illinois, after experiencing respiratory problems.

Sept. 5

-- Rochus Misch, 96, who served as Adolf Hitler's devoted body guard for most of World War II and was the last remaining witness to the Nazi leader's final hours in his Berlin bunker, in the German capital after a short unspecified illness.

Sept. 9

-- Saul Landau, 77, a prolific, award-winning documentary filmmaker, who roamed the world profiling political leaders like Cuba's Fidel Castro and Chile's Salvador Allende and used his camera to draw attention to war, poverty and racism in California. He had bladder cancer.

Sept. 11 -- Marshall Berman,72, an author, philosopher and educator whose optimistic humanist writings on economics, art and culture were shaped by his early and lasting immersion in the works of Karl Marx, in New York of a heart attack.

Sept. 12

-- Prince Jazzbo, 62, a rap reggae performer and producer whose career spanned 40 years, in St. Catherine parish, Kingston, Jamaica. He had lung cancer.

-- Ray Dolby, 80, an American inventor and pioneer who founded Dolby Laboratories, in San Francisco. He had Alzheimer's and was recently diagnosed with acute leukemia.

Sept. 15

Jackie Lomax, 69, a singer-songwriter who worked with the Beatles and had a long solo career, in Wirral, England, after a brief unspecified illness.

Sept. 16

Chin Peng, a former tough communist guerrilla who led the bloody but failed insurrection against British rule in Malaysia in the late 1940s and early 1950s, in Bangkok of cancer. His real name was Ong Boon Hua.

Sept. 17

Eiji Toyoda, 100, a member of Toyota's founding family who helped create the super-efficient "Toyota Way" production method, in Toyota city, Japan, of heart failure.

Sept. 18

-- Richard Sarafian, 85, an influential film director whose 1971 countercultural car-chase thriller "Vanishing Point" brought him a decades-long cult following, in Santa Monica, California. He had pneumonia.

-- Marcel Reich-Ranicki 93, who grew up in Warsaw and Nazi Germany, survived the Warsaw ghetto and went on to become postwar Germany's best-known literary critic, in Frankfurt. No cause of death was given.

Sept. 19

Hiroshi Yamauchi, 85, who ran Nintendo for more than 50 years and led the Japanese company's transition from playing-card maker to video giant, in central Japan. He had pneumonia.

Sept. 20

-- Carolyn Cassady, 90, a writer who was married to Jack Kerouac's travel companion and a lover of the famous Beat author, in Bracknell, England. No cause of death was given.

Sept. 22

-- Alvaro Mutis Jaramillo, 90, a prolific Colombian writer and poet, in Mexico City. No cause of death was given.

Sept. 23

-- Oscar Espinose Chepe, 72, a high-level Cuban economist and diplomat who broke with Fidel Castro in the 1990s and was imprisoned for his dissident activities, in Cercedilla, Spain. He had been undergoing treatment for liver disease since March.

-- Ruth Patrick, 105, a scientist whose research on fresh water ecosystems led to groundbreaking ways to measure pollution in rivers and streams in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania. No cause of death was given.

Sept. 27

-- Albert Wheelon, 82, a former Hughes Aircraft chairman who played a key role in the development of the first spy satellite, in Montecito, California, of cancer.

Sept. 29

- Marcella Hazan, 89, cookbook author who was widely credited with teaching Americans how to cook Italian food, in Longboat Key, Florida. She had emphysema and severe circulation problems.

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