Small improvement for Schumacher after 2nd surgery

Small improvement for Michael Schumacher after 2nd surgery, doctors say

Small improvement for Schumacher after 2nd surgery

GRENOBLE, France (AP) -- Doctors treating Michael Schumacher say the Formula 1 champion is showing small signs of improvement in a brain scan after undergoing a second operation for brain injuries he suffered during a ski accident.

Schumacher was skiing with his son when he fell and struck a rock Sunday in the French Alps.

"We can't say he is out of danger but ... we have gained a bit of time," said Dr. Jean-Francois Payen, the doctor in charge of Grenoble University Hospital's intensive care unit. "The coming hours are crucial."

Payen said Schumacher underwent surgery overnight -- his second since the fall on Sunday -- and a brain scan Tuesday showed minor improvement. But doctors say the retired seven-time champion still has brain lesions.

Updated : 2021-03-02 02:55 GMT+08:00