Uruguay police seize 42 marijuana plants in house

Uruguayan test case: Police enforcing 6-plant limit seize 42 marijuana plants from apartment

Uruguay police seize 42 marijuana plants in house

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) -- Police in Uruguay have detained a man for growing too much marijuana after seizing 42 plants they found in his apartment.

Courts spokesman Raul Oxandabarat told The Associated Press Monday that the suspect was released pending court proceedings that will begin in February after the judicial holiday. His plants have been sent to a government laboratory for analysis.

The officers were responding to a complaint of domestic violence when they discovered the stash on Saturday, just five days after President Jose Mujica signed into law the world's first plan to create and regulate a national marijuana market.

The case could become the first in which a judge determines what to do when people violate the six-plant home-growing limit. The judge could also decide how to deal with plants grown before the licensing system is launched next year.

Updated : 2021-04-12 22:20 GMT+08:00