Wife says al-Qaida hostage Weinstein not forgotten

Family of al-Qaida hostage Weinstein holds out hope he'll return to US home

Wife says al-Qaida hostage Weinstein not forgotten

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Family members of a U.S. development expert kidnapped in Pakistan more than two years ago say they hope he'll return safely home.

Warren Weinstein's wife and two daughters spoke in an interview that aired Monday on ABC.

Elaine Weinstein says she wanted to die when she heard her 72-year-old husband say in a video released Thursday that it seemed he had been "totally abandoned."

She says there's nothing the family can do to bring her husband back because his al-Qaida captors have made no specific demands. She says she'd like to think he can be rescued.

Daughter Jennifer Coakley says that in her heart, she knows her father is coming home.

Updated : 2021-02-27 07:09 GMT+08:00