Iraq Sunnis in western city end protest after deal

Official: Iraqi Sunnis in western city end their protest after deal with Shiite-led government

Iraq Sunnis in western city end protest after deal

BAGHDAD (AP) -- An Iraqi government spokesman says Sunnis in a flashpoint western city have ended their months-long protest after a deal with the country's Shiite-led government.

Mohammed al-Askari says police in the city of Ramadi on Monday dismantled the protesters' tents and removed their sit-in site along a main highway linking Baghdad with neighboring Jordan.

Al-Askari says there was no violence during the police action.

He says the Ramadi Sunnis agreed late on Sunday to end the protest after the authorities warned their gathering was sheltering al-Qaida fighters.

The protest organizers were not immediately available to comment.

Since last December, Iraq's Sunni minority has been staging protests against what they claim is second-class treatment at the hands of the Shiite majority, demanding an end to some laws they believe unfairly target them.

Updated : 2021-04-18 13:10 GMT+08:00