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Changhwa County Government launches new methods for new immigrants

Changhwa County Government launches new methods for new immigrants

New immigrants take the important roles in Taiwan, forming the multi-cultures feature. However, there are many problems they may face when they try to adapt to this society such like language differences, living values and cultural differences. No matter central government or local governments throughout Taiwan concern about this issue and list it as the important policy in years.

According to the statistics of Ministry of Interior, it shows that there almost 23 thousand new immigrants who from south Asia and China and other countries in Changhwa County at present. To help those new immigrants adapt well in Taiwan, Changhwa County Government had set up the hoc group for offering the services for those new immigrants since 2003, providing the specific assistances for them to protect their rights such like professional trainings, services for Maternal, infant and genetic health and the like.

“We expected to take care of those new immigrants via combing the governmental and the private organizations to build the great information networks. In addition, we will enforce to appeal people the ideas to respect and accept the racial equality,” said a staff of Changhwa County Government. “We hope those new immigrants could live in Taiwan comfortable.”

Updated : 2021-04-23 05:43 GMT+08:00