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Hau Lung-bin meets Chang Juong-wei in Yunlin

Hau Lung-bin meets Chang Juong-wei in Yunlin

Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin ventured south Saturday to Yunlin County where he signed a memorandum of intent (MOI) between the Taipei City Government and the Yunlin Farmers Association to promote vegetables and fruits from that area of Taiwan. While in Yunlin Hau also held a closed-door meeting with former Yunlin County Magistrate Chang Jung-wei, ostensibly seeking Chang’s support for Hau’s future plans including a possible run for President in the 2016 elections.

Hau witnessed the signing of the MOI between the Taipei City Agriculture Products Promotion Company and the Yunlin County Farmers Assocation, after which he dined with local media representative, discussing topics that ranged from road racing and marathons to the Taipei Municipal Zoo’s baby panda and the Taiwanese dialect in an easy-going, extended lunch.

Later in the afternoon Hau traveled to a meeting with Chang. He presented Chang with a souvenir photograph taken with Hau a few years back when the two donned protective gear and inspected a SARS medical waste incineration plant.

Hao and Chang formed a lasting bond during the SARS scare in Taiwan when Yunlin County residents became unsettled over the large amounts of medical waste that were being transported to Yunlin for incineration there. Hau went south to inspect the plant and eased worries considerably when he went into the facility together with then-magistrate Chang.

Accompanied by Chang’s brother-in-law and Chang Yung-cheng, Director-General of the Farmers Association, Hau paid a courtesy call on Chang Jung-wei, meeting privately for about half an hour before departing.

Hau’s aides have said that Hau may journey south again sometime before the Chinese New Year, possibly to Changhua County, where Taipei City is also exploring opportunities for agricultural cooperation and exchanges. Hau is a friend of Changhua County Magistrate Chuo Po-yuan, and will probably include a visit to Changhua when he travels to Yunlin County again before the New Year holidays to visit an agricultural exposition there.

Hau’s trip to Yunlin followed a two-day visit to Tainan City Friday and Saturday which included coffee with Mayor William Lai and a discussion of recent events in their respective constituencies. While Lai termed the meeting as an ‘ice breaker’ between the two political figures, Hau’s office played down the significance of the confab, saying it was simply to discuss possible areas of cooperation between the two cities.

Updated : 2021-04-20 22:57 GMT+08:00