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Farmers attack Brazil's Indian affairs agency

Angry farmers attack Indian affairs agency in northern Brazil

Farmers attack Brazil's Indian affairs agency

SAO PAULO (AP) -- Brazilian police say angry farmers in the northern jungle state of Amazonas torched the offices of the federal indigenous affairs agency and several of its vehicles because they were convinced that members of the Tenharim tribe kidnaped three residents of the town of Humaita.

Police officer Everton Cruz said Saturday that the attack occurred Dec. 25, nine days after the three men disappeared as they were driving through the Tenharim reservation.

He said farmers believe the three were kidnaped and killed in retaliation for what they say was the Dec. 3 murder of an indigenous leader. Police said at the time he was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Cruz said the Tenharim deny they kidnaped the three men. He said federal and state police officers and army troops are searching for the three men.

Updated : 2021-05-15 19:03 GMT+08:00