Taoyuan festival featuring Rubber Duck attracts over 1 m. visitors

Taipei, Oct. 30 (CNA) A giant Rubber Duck inflatable art installation, the centerpiece of the Taoyuan Land Art Festival, attracted nearly 80,000 viewers Wednesday, bringing the total number of visitors to more than 1 million since the Oct. 26 launch, according to the organizers. Many of the visitors to the festival in Taoyuan County's Xinwu Township in northern Taiwan have been fans of the giant duck, according to the Taoyuan county government, but it noted that the festival also showcases a wide range of locally created landscape art that features the beauty and history of Xinwu through a combination of ancient and modern elements. Since the festival opened Oct. 26, the number of visitors to the township has exceeded its usual population of 48,000 by almost 20 times, the local government said. The Rubber Duck, designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, is the second one to be displayed in Taiwan. A similar duck spent a month on display in the southern port city of Kaohsiung. It will remain in Xinwu, moored in one of the township's many ponds, for the duration of the land art festival that ends Nov.10. (By Chiu Chun-chin and Y.L. Kao)