HTC phone was lifesaver in botched robbery

Taipei, Oct. 29 (CNA) Taiwan's major smartphone manufacturer, HTC Corp., confirmed Tuesday that one of its products helped save the life of its owner by blocking a bullet, but urged HTC customers not to try to replicate the act. HTC said the smartphone was an EVO 3D, which was released two years ago with a 4.3-inch touchscreen. The company described stopping a bullet as "an individual's non-standard use" of the smartphone, adding the company does not recommend others to copy the act. According to an Associated Press report, the cellphone saved the life of an employee of a gas station outside Orlando, Florida early Monday. Quoting local police, the report said that a robber armed with a revolver ordered two employees to open the safe at the gas station. When they failed to open the safe, the robber fired a shot at one of the clerks' abdomen, but the cellphone stopped the bullet, police said. Police said the worker had no idea the bullet had hit his cellphone until he pulled it out of his shirt pocket. An AP photo showed the point of impact near the lower left-hand corner of the screen, which was cracked but still attached to the phone. (By Esme Jiang and Jay Chen)