Rule-makers raise goal-line tech requirements

Goal-line technology requirements upped in move that could encourage other leagues to adopt it

Rule-makers raise goal-line tech requirements

ZURICH (AP) -- Football's rule-makers have raised the standard of accuracy for goal-line technology, a move that could convince further leagues to sanction high-tech aids for referees.

The English Premier League was quick to install cameras in stadiums this season after the International Football Association Board's landmark approval of technology.

But other leagues have been more cautious about introducing technology, with the Bundesliga saying the margin of error of three centimeters "is simply too big for us."

Now the IFAB has agreed to raise that maximum margin of error to 1.5 centimeters from 2014.

FIFA says the change is based on evidence from the Premier League and the Confederations Cup showing how the technology is constantly improving.

The Premier League uses the camera-based Hawk-Eye system. FIFA has adopted GoalRef, which uses magnetic fields to rule on disputed goals.

Updated : 2021-03-01 03:49 GMT+08:00