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Brazil court: reservation limit not for all lands

Brazil high court: prohibition on expanding reservation doesn't apply to all Indian land

Brazil court: reservation limit not for all lands

SAO PAULO (AP) -- Brazil's Supreme Court says a huge Indian reservation cannot be expanded. But it says that limit doesn't automatically apply to other demarcations of land for native people.

The Supreme Court's ruling on Wednesday upheld the conditions imposed in 2009 when the 4.2 million-acre (1.7 million-hectare) Raposa Serra do Sol reservation was created in the nation's north.

Brazil's powerful farm lobby had hoped that the prohibition on expanding Raposa Serra do Sol would extend to other Indian lands, and prevent them from taking areas already occupied by farmers and ranchers.

Cleber Buzatto is the executive director of the Brazil-based indigenous rights group CIMI. He calls the ruling a "major setback" for the agribusiness sector.

Updated : 2022-01-19 18:05 GMT+08:00