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Contractors tell Congress website problems fixable

Contractors tell US Congress health insurance website problems can be fixed

Contractors tell Congress website problems fixable

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Key contractors on the troubled website tell Congress the bugs can be fixed and will not prevent uninsured Americans from getting medical coverage.

The website has been improving every day, and people will be able to enroll in time to get coverage by Jan. 1. That's according to Cheryl Campbell, a vice president of CGI Federal.

Her company is the lead contractor on the federal website serving 36 states.

Another contractor says problems with an identity verification system that caused a logjam are now being cleared up.

Republicans are still trying to block President Barack Obama's signature health care law and say the rollout must be suspended.

But the Obama administration, seeking to preserve his most significant domestic achievement, says problems can be fixed in time.

Updated : 2022-05-25 05:34 GMT+08:00