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Scathing UN report details Iran rights abuses

UN rapporteur: Iran's human rights abuses are widespread but Rouhani raises hope for reform

Scathing UN report details Iran rights abuses

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- A special U.N. rapporteur is scathing in a report detailing widespread human rights abuses in Iran, but he says recent signals from new President Hassan Rouhani have raised hopes for change.

Ahmed Shaheed's report Wednesday condemned a rise in the number of jailed journalists in Iran over the past decade and hundreds of executions for drug trafficking crimes. He expressed alarm about a law being considered that would allow a custodian to marry his adopted child. And he says minority religious groups are subjected to discrimination and are often arbitrarily arrested and tortured.

But Shaheed welcomed the recent release of more than a dozen political prisoners and "a number of positive signals" from Rouhani.

Iran rejected Shaheed's findings as "a biased approach" that "does not merit public trust or confidence."

Updated : 2021-05-16 02:09 GMT+08:00