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Greek police arrest 3 Roma over 'abducted' baby

Greek police on eastern island arrest 3 Roma people on suspicion of abducting months-old baby

Greek police arrest 3 Roma over 'abducted' baby

ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- Greek police on an eastern island say they have arrested three Greek Roma people suspected of child abduction, just days after a similar case in the country prompted an international investigation.

Police say the suspects allegedly tried to register the two-and-a-half month old boy as their own, but raised suspicions because they lacked sufficient documentation.

Regional police chief Panagiotis Kordonouris says the 19-year-old woman, her 21-year-old companion and his 51-year-old mother were arrested Wednesday at a Roma settlement outside the island capital of Mytilini.

Kordonouris told the AP they told police an unknown Roma woman gave them the baby in Athens.

Last week, a Roma couple in the mainland town of Farsala was charged with abducting a girl known as "Maria" found living with them.

Updated : 2021-06-15 17:46 GMT+08:00