Belgian police detain 76 ahead of Anderlecht-PSG

Belgian police detain 76 suspected hooligans ahead of Anderlecht-PSG in Champions League

Belgian police detain 76 ahead of Anderlecht-PSG

BRUSSELS (AP) -- Belgian police have detained 76 suspected hooligans in the run-up to the Champions League game between Anderlecht and Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday.

Police said all of the detainees were French except for seven Belgians, and three of Polish origin. Some carried knives and iron knuckles but many were also detained on information given by French authorities. Most of the detentions were preventive and there was been no widespread fighting late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

Although Belgium has been spared serious hooligan incidents for a few years, there have been intense rumors that hooligan factions of both clubs would clash before the match. Police have some 400 officers on standby in and around the stadium.

Updated : 2021-01-26 18:26 GMT+08:00