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Nigeria: Islamic police arrest dozens over dress

Islamic police in Nigeria arrest 150 accused of indecent dress, prostitution, cross-dressing

Nigeria: Islamic police arrest dozens over dress

KANO, Nigeria (AP) -- Islamic police in Nigeria's northern city of Kano have arrested and publicly paraded scores of alleged Islamic law transgressors, including transvestites and people wearing clothing deemed too tight or revealing.

They also shaved the supposedly overly long hair of several men Tuesday.

Police spokesman Mohammed Yusuf Yola said 45 men and women were detained at a birthday party in a hotel Sunday because of "indecent dress that is against the practice of Islam."

Yola said the recent arrests of 150 people, including 55 alleged prostitutes, is part of a new campaign to enforce Islamic law, which officially governs nine of Nigeria's 37 states.

Extremists in northeast Nigeria have killed hundreds in a mission to turn the country, which has roughly equal numbers of Muslims and Christians, into an Islamic state.