Thai club owner acquitted from New Year fire case

Appeal court acquits Thai club owner over deadly New Year fire that killed 67

Thai club owner acquitted from New Year fire case

BANGKOK (AP) -- A Thai court has acquitted a nightclub owner from a jail sentence over a fire that killed 67 people in Bangkok on New Year's Day in 2009, freeing him from three years' imprisonment ruled by a lower court.

More than 1,000 revelers were inside the Santika club when an indoor fireworks display ignited the blaze.

The Appeals Court on Tuesday found owner Wisuk Sejsawat not directly responsible for the blaze and dismissed the lawsuit against him.

In 2011, Wisuk, the lighting effects company and its executive were found guilty of causing the deaths of other persons without intent.

The Appeals Court upheld the ruling that ordered the company to pay 8.7 million baht ($279,000) in compensation to the victims or their families and sentenced its executive to three years imprisonment.

Updated : 2021-04-15 00:17 GMT+08:00