PChome sells more merchandise than other online stores: Survey

Taipei, Aug. 28 (CNA) Web portal PChome Online's shopping service had more products available for purchase in July than any other online shopping platform in Taiwan, according to a survey. EZprize, a price comparison website, on Wednesday crowned PChome king of the top 10 shopping platforms in terms of product volume, with a total of 795,497 trade items available to consumers. That figure means that PChome's inventory grew by 4.76 percent since January of this year, EZprize announced. The number two spot went to books.com.tw, followed by Yahoo! Kimo, and momo. Taiwan's top 10 was rounded out by GoHappy, udn shopping, Save & Safe, payeasy, U-mall, and 7net, according to the report. U-mall's inventory in July grew by 15.77 percent since January, while Save & Safe saw an increase of 11.13 percent. Meanwhile, GoHappy and 7net both saw inventory shrink, with the former decreasing by 21.45 percent since January and the latter by 18.49 percent. Two other sites, books.com.tw and payeasy, also shed products since January, EZprize noted, attributing the different trends to each company's individual business policy. (By Wu Chia-ying and Elizabeth Hsu)