Dating site uses Poland's late president's image

Scandinavian dating site apologizes for using image of Poland's late president on billboards

WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- A Scandinavian dating site has apologized for mistakenly using the image of Poland's late president Lech Kaczynski on billboards in Warsaw advocating romance for people in relationships.

Head of the Victoria Milan site, Sigurd Vedal , told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the campaign was to be humorous and use the image of former prime minister, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, a bachelor known to be fond of cats, and a cat's image. It uses the phrase "lacking a claw," something without energy, to refer to a stagnant relationship.

The billboards put up Monday drew complaints from internet surfers and media because they featured Kaczynski's identical twin, the late President Lech Kaczynski, who was killed in a 2010 plane crash.

The twins are "very similar," explaining the mistake, Vedal said.