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TOKYO -- In the steamy heat of mid-August, the tranquil, cherry tree-shaded grounds of Yasukuni Shrine in the heart of Tokyo seem an unlikely hotbed of provocation. But visits by senior Japanese government officials to the shrine, whose grounds also house a war museum glorifying Japan's wartime past, routinely anger neighboring China and South Korea, highlighting lingering resentments 68 years after the end of World War II. Moved. By Elaine Kurtenbach. AP Photos.



NEW DELHI -- Despite hours of searching the dark, muddy water inside a submarine crippled by twin explosions, Indian navy divers have yet to find the 18 sailors feared dead there, possibly because the heat of the blasts melted some hatches shut, the navy says. There has been no word from the sailors -- or even a knock on the submarine's hull -- since the explosions shot huge fireballs into the sky over a Mumbai navy base. Moved. By Ashok Sharma. AP Photos.


NEW DELHI -- India's prime minister asks Pakistan to prevent Islamic militants from using its territory as tensions rise between the longtime rivals following the recent killing of five Indian soldiers in fighting along the disputed Kashmir border. Moved. By Ashok Sharma. AP Photos.


KABUL, Afghanistan -- A female member of Afghanistan's parliament is kidnapped by the Taliban and is being held in exchange for four insurgents detained by the government, provincial officials say. Moved. By Rahim Faiez.


SEOUL, South Korea -- South Korea's president proposes that the two Koreas hold a reunion next month of families still separated 60 years after the Korean War, another sign of easing tensions after a spring that saw the neighbors threatening war. Moved. By Youkyung Lee. AP Photos.


BEIJING -- A typhoon leaves one person dead and five others missing as it churns through southern China before weakening into a tropical storm. Moved. AP Photos.


PHNOM PENH, Cambodia -- A land mine left over from Cambodia's three decades of civil war kills six farmers who were returning from planting rice, a mine clearance official says. Moved.



BEIJING -- Lenovo Group says it is evolving quickly into a supplier of wireless computing, driven by booming sales of smartphones and tablets as consumers shift away from desktop computers. Moved. By Joe McDonald. AP Photos.


HONG KONG -- State-owned China Mobile's first half-profit rose just 1.5 percent as the world's biggest phone company by subscribers grappled with rising competition. Moved. By Kelvin Chan.


NEW DELHI -- India tightens restrictions on the amount of money Indian companies and individuals can send out of the country, trying to curb a sharp decline in the rupee. Moved.


WASHINGTON -- The decades-long era of "cheap rice" when technological advances drove down prices of Asia's staple food may be over, but that could be good news for farm laborers, a British development think tank says. Moved. By Matthew Pennington.



KATMANDU, Nepal -- When Nepal's chief justice was named head of an interim government in March, he promised he would serve only as a caretaker until he could oversee elections in June that were supposed to usher the country into an era of political stability. Those elections never happened, and newly scheduled November polls are in doubt as well. Moved. By Binaj Gurubacharya. AP Photos.


HANOI, Vietnam -- Market forces are working against college degrees in Marx, Lenin and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, where the Communist government has resorted to offering free tuition to attract students. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung signed a decree last month giving free tuition to students agreeing to take four-year courses on Marxism-Leninism and the thoughts of Ho Chi Minh, the country's revolutionary hero, at state-run universities. Moved. By Chris Brummitt. AP Photos.


NEW YORK -- A little girl growing up today has no shortage of strong female role models -- senators and presidential candidates, CEOs and astronauts, governors and secretaries of state. And now, a female Wiggle. The first woman to join the Australian group starts a U.S. tour on Saturday. Moved. By Lisa Tolin. AP Photos.


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