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818 rally to call for ‘dismantling’ of government

818 rally to call for ‘dismantling’ of government

Two protest actions on the weekend of August 16-18 promise to keep unrest over the dismantling of residences and buildings in Dapu Township of Miaoli County simmering. Friday evening farmers groups and artists will gather in Miaoli for an evening of speeches and entertainment. Then on Sunday afternoon protesters will return to Ketagalan Boulevard near the Presidential Building under the banner of "Give the country back to the people, demolish the government August 18" with 10,000 people expected to attend. National Chengchi University professor Hsu Shih-jung has announced that the agenda for the evening event is flexible, and anyone who is interested in issues concerning social justice is welcome to come.

The Taiwan Rural Front stresses that the return to Ketagalan Boulevard is being planned under a limited theme, calling on all people to stand together and demand that the government be ‘”dismantled" to express their dissatisfaction with the current administration. The group plans to set up a memorial hall to democracy, symbolizing the idea that democracy in Taiwan has died. They will also have samples of cow dung and snails on hand, representing Taiwan's grassroots culture and exotic species and demonstrating the people’s desire to preserve local culture and protect rural villages.

Hsu Shih-jung adds that anyone who cares about social justice is welcome to participate in the ‘demolish the government’ activity, stressing that the aim of the demonstration is to give voice to the people. Hsu said he hopes that people from the labor, farmer, student and arts communities will all take to the streets, in particular to send a message to Miaoli County Magistrate Liu Cheng-hung.

One of the aims of the 818 event will be to call for Liu Cheng-hung to admit that ordering the demolitions in Dapu was a mistake and offer appropriate compensation to those who suffered losses. Organizers will also ask prosecutors to launch an investigation of all land seizures by the Miaoli government under Liu to identify any illegal expropriations and pursue compensation for those who were wronged.

Updated : 2021-05-18 20:33 GMT+08:00