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South African rugby to return to racial quotas

South African domestic rugby teams must have quota of black players in 2014

South African rugby to return to racial quotas

JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- The South African Rugby Union says it is reintroducing contentious racial quotas in one of its domestic competitions next year, when teams in the Vodacom Cup will have to pick seven black players in their matchday squads and at least five in the starting 15.

SARU announced that the initiative had been passed by its decision-making Executive Council on Monday.

SARU President Oregan Hoskins called the measure "a critical step" in transforming a sport that was historically reserved for whites and closely connected with South Africa's racist apartheid regime.

Racial quotas were introduced in some South African sports in the 1990s but were considered a failure and caused deep discontent among some players.

SARU said Wednesday that it hadn't decided on punishments for teams that didn't meet the quotas.

Updated : 2022-01-24 23:18 GMT+08:00