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UN experts begin probe of Cuban arms in Panama

UN experts begin investigation in Panama of Cuban arms shipment found on North Korean ship

UN experts begin probe of Cuban arms in Panama

PANAMA CITY (AP) -- A Panamanian official says experts from the United Nations have begun inspecting an undeclared arms shipment found on a North Korean ship that was detained as it tried to cross the Panama Canal from Cuba.

Anti-drug prosecutor Javier Caraballo says the six-member team will examine the ship and weapons, and will interview the crew between Tuesday and Friday.

The experts will prepare a report on whether the shipment violated U.N. sanctions meant to halt sophisticated arms sales to North Korea. It's not clear when the team will present its findings to the sanctions committee of the U.N. Security Council.

The ship, Chong Chon Gang, was headed from Cuba to North Korea when it was seized July 15, based on intelligence that it might have been carrying drugs.