Moscow struggles to draw fans for worlds

Even with Usain Bolt on the track, Moscow struggling to fill seats at world championships

Moscow struggles to draw fans for worlds

MOSCOW (AP) -- When Usain Bolt runs, he draws energy from the crowd. That's been tough to do in Moscow.

The world championships have struggled to draw fans to Luzhniki Stadium, the venue that hosted the 1980 Olympics. Even with a reduced seating capacity and thousands of free tickets handed out, the locals in the Russian capital seem to have better things to do.

Bolt says: "Yeah, I noticed. Not every country is about track and field, a lot of countries are about football."

Organizers released official attendance figures Tuesday stating that 40,461 spectators watched Bolt reclaim his 100 world title in 9.77 seconds. They said it was the highest attendance figure for athletics in Russia since the 1980 Olympics.

The second part is believable, the first part is debatable.

Updated : 2021-04-17 20:38 GMT+08:00