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Lawyer in Afghan killings case: Remove prosecutors

Lawyer for US soldier in Afghan civilian killings wants prosecutors off case

Lawyer in Afghan killings case: Remove prosecutors

SEATTLE (AP) -- Lawyers for the U.S. soldier convicted of killing 16 Afghan civilians during nighttime raids last year will ask to have the entire prosecution team removed from the case before his sentencing next week.

John Henry Browne, a civilian attorney for Robert Bales, says the prosecutors were wrongly given a copy of statements Bales made to Army psychiatrists. A hearing was set for Tuesday.

Bales pleaded guilty in June in a deal to avoid the death penalty. He faces life in prison either with or without the possibility of parole.

Bales admitted leaving his post in Kandahar Province before dawn on March 11, 2012, to attack two villages nearby.

Browne says the judge inadvertently gave the prosecution team an unredacted copy of Bales' psychiatric evaluation. He says the only solution is for the judge to remove the prosecutors.

The Army has not commented on the matter.

Bales made the statements as part of a "sanity review" aimed at determining whether he was sane at the time of the attacks and whether he was capable of standing trial. Browne has said the Army is not entitled to the full report, saying the statements are protected by his client's right not to incriminate himself.

Updated : 2021-05-09 22:43 GMT+08:00