Manning's defense focuses on command failures

Manning's defense focuses on failures that could have prevented disclosure to WikiLeaks

Manning's defense focuses on command failures

FORT MEADE, Maryland (AP) -- Lawyers for U.S. soldier Bradley Manning are focusing on his supervisors' failure to take actions that could have prevented him from disclosing huge amounts of classified information through WikiLeaks.

The witness list for his sentencing hearing Tuesday includes at least two people who were disciplined after an investigation into leaks.

One is an officer who was punished for failing to properly address Manning's emotional outbursts and other issues before they deployed for Iraq.

Another was reprimanded for failing to supervise Manning while he downloaded hundreds of thousands of records from a classified government computer network while working as an intelligence analyst in Iraq in 2010.

Manning faces up to 90 years in prison.

Updated : 2021-02-26 02:49 GMT+08:00