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Lashmanova leads Russian 1-2 in women's 20K walk

Olympic champion Elena Lashmanova leads Russian 1-2 in women's 20-kilometer walk

Lashmanova leads Russian 1-2 in women's 20K walk

MOSCOW (AP) -- Russians earned the top two places in the women's 20-kilometer walk Tuesday at the world championships, winning the event for the seventh straight time.

Olympic gold medalist Elena Lashmanova led the way, holding off second-place Anisya Kirdyapkina. Liu Hong of China took third.

The walkers finished inside the Luzhniki Stadium, needing to complete 1? laps of the track. Lashmanova stopped walking with one lap to go, thinking she had already won. She started up again and had to work to stay ahead of Kirdyapkina at the finish.

Russians have won seven of the eight 20K walks since the event was added to the program at the 1999 worlds in Seville.

Olga Kaniskina, who had won the last three world titles, withdrew from the competition because of health reasons.

Updated : 2021-06-24 09:11 GMT+08:00