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Cuban-Americans call off protests against Bahamas

Bahamas agreement to investigate treatment of Cuban migrants ends South Florida protest

Cuban-Americans call off protests against Bahamas

MIAMI (AP) -- An agreement to investigate alleged mistreatment of Cuban migrants in the Bahamas has brought an end to weeks of protest in South Florida.

Cuban-American activist Ramon Saul Sanchez says he and a fellow activist are ending their hunger strike. Activists are also halting the noisy protests and calls to boycott the Bahamas that have angered the Bahamian government in recent weeks.

The Bahamas has launched a formal investigation into allegations that Cubans have been mistreated while detained on suspicion of illegal immigration. The government will also allow a U.S. official to tour a migrant detention center.

Sanchez called the agreement a "victory for human dignity" when he ended the protest Monday.

The move came a day after Panama granted asylum to 19 of 43 Cubans now held in the Bahamas.