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Jane Austen museum in bid to buy author's ring

Austen museum says it hopes to buy 'Pride and Prejudice' author's ring from Kelly Clarkson

Jane Austen museum in bid to buy author's ring

LONDON (AP) -- Jane Austen's House Museum says it has received a 100,000-pound ($155,000) donation to help it buy the "Pride and Prejudice" writer's ring back from singer Kelly Clarkson.

Earlier this month the British government placed a temporary export ban on the gold-and-turquoise ring in the hope money could be found to keep it in Britain.

The museum said Monday it had raised 103,200 pounds of the 152,450 pound asking price, most of it from a single anonymous donation.

Clarkson, an Austen fan, bought the ring at auction last year but has been prevented from taking it home to the U.S.

Museum fundraiser Louise West said the situation is a shame for Clarkson, "but the ring should stay in this country because there is so little of Austen's personal effects left."

Updated : 2021-05-09 07:55 GMT+08:00