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Nigeria: Flood destroys homes in northern Kano

Flood, blocked drains destroy scores of homes, unearth corpses in Nigeria's northern Kano city

Nigeria: Flood destroys homes in northern Kano

KANO, Nigeria (AP) -- Officials say floods from heavy rains destroyed up to 400 homes in Nigeria's biggest northern city of Kano.

Drains and deep culverts chronically filled with uncollected garbage flooded and blocked several roads after about nine hours of rainfall Saturday and Sunday.

The flooding also unearthed some 20 corpses at the city's main cemetery.

Ibrahim Musa Giginyu said Monday his seven family members would have drowned but he managed to get help Sunday when "I found my entire family floating in water." Many Nigerians cannot swim.

Disaster manager Kassim Musa of the state fire service said more than 100 homes collapsed in the raging waters. But Ali Bashir of the State Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation Agency said 408 homes were destroyed in Kano city and another 26 outside the metropolis.

Updated : 2021-05-12 01:57 GMT+08:00