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Rights group: Correa seeks to trample NGOs

Human Rights Watch calls on Correa to revoke degree tightly regulating nongovernmental orgs

Rights group: Correa seeks to trample NGOs

QUITO, Ecuador (AP) -- Human Rights Watch is calling on Ecuador to revoke a new decree that gives President Rafael Correa's government broad powers to intervene in the operations of nongovernmental groups, including to dissolve them.

The U.S.-based rights watchdog likens Correa's decree to measures taken by the governments of Russia, Venezuela, Uganda and Bahrain that have stifled critical voices.

It says the June decree aims to limit the ability of nongovernmental groups to choose their members while giving government ministries oversight including the power to decide whether they can even exist.

Under the measure that takes effect June of next year, international nongovernmental groups will need approval by a special government agency.

The group's Americas Director Jose Miguel Vivanco says Correa has already repressed independent news media.

Updated : 2022-01-19 21:51 GMT+08:00