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Kathy Bates happy being part of FX's 'Horror'

Kathy Bates happy being part of 'Horror Story' after not-so-happy end for her previous series

Kathy Bates happy being part of FX's 'Horror'

BEVERLY HILLS, California (AP) -- Kathy Bates says she's thrilled to be a regular on FX's "American Horror Story."

It's almost good enough to rid her of the bad taste from her previous stint on series TV.

She told reporters at a Television Critics Association session on Friday that she has an issue with NBC, which cancelled "Harry's Law" last season after a two-year run.

Things are happier on her current project, which just began shooting.

The Oscar-winning Bates plays Madame LaLaurie, a real-life 19th-Century Louisiana socialite and serial killer. She co-stars with Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett and Jessica Lange, who plays a witch.

"American Horror Story: Coven" premieres in October.

Updated : 2021-10-21 02:56 GMT+08:00