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Warsaw stops to honor 1944 anti-Nazi uprising

Facebook to show Warsaw residents marking anniversary of 1944 anti-Nazi uprising

Warsaw stops to honor 1944 anti-Nazi uprising

WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- Poland is holding its annual homage to the thousands of people who died while trying to liberate Warsaw from Germany's Nazi forces during World War II, and this year some observances will be shown live on Facebook for the first time.

On Thursday, the Warsaw Rising Museum will show on its Facebook page people stopping in Warsaw's streets at 1500 GMT (11 a.m. EDT), the hour in 1944 when thousands of residents began trying to free Warsaw from the Germans, as the Soviet Red Army advanced on the city.

The poorly armed fighters of the clandestine Home Army fought for 63 days. Some 200,000 residents and fighters were killed, and the Germans razed the city. Later, when Poland was under communist control, recognizing that historic event was forbidden.



Updated : 2021-10-22 15:46 GMT+08:00