With Phelps retired, Le Clos seeks new inspiration

Le Clos has new rivals in pool but still plans to swim with Phelps _ to go shark-cage diving

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) -- A year ago, Chad le Clos beat his idol Michael Phelps in the 200 butterfly at the London Olympics.

Now, with Phelps retired, the South African has to find new inspiration at the world championships, where the traditional pool events begin Sunday.

Le Clos says "I guess I'm going to miss him a little bit. But it's going to be fun to see hopefully a new swimming star emerge from these championships."

And while he won't be swimming, Phelps will be in Barcelona to represent his sponsors and be honored by swimming governing body FINA.

When the worlds end, Phelps will be getting back in the water with Le Clos. Not to race, though. Phelps is heading down to South Africa to go shark-cage diving with Le Clos.