Sperm whales made surprise appearance in sea off Taitung

Taipei, July 5 (CNA) Two sperm whales, the largest toothed whales in the world, made a rare reapperance Friday in the sea off the southeastern county of Taitung, the first such whales have been spotted in nearly 10 years. "They are so pretty," tourists said after watching the whales make impressive jumps and leaps with their tails wagging and water spouting from their mouths. "A long time no see friend reappeared," said Chen Kuan-lung, the captain of a whale-watching boat, as the two sperm whales made a surprise appearance about 10 meters from the bow of the boat in the sea off Chengkung in Taitung County. Chen said that the last time sperm whales appeared in the sea off Chengkung was in 2003. In recent years, his whale-watching boat usually encountered dolphins in its outings. However, since wind originated from the south on Friday, few dolphins were seen.
The appearance of the two sperm whales caused shouting and screaming among tourists. (By Tyson Lu and Y.L. Kao)