Taiwanese army rangers to be featured in Discovery Channel program

Taipei, June 23 (CNA) Taiwan's army rangers will be featured in an hour-long television show produced by Discovery Channel on Tuesday, which will be the final part of a three-episode program on Taiwanese special forces. Tuesday's program will unveil stories about the rigorous training that army rangers undergo at a military center in Kukuan area of the central city of Taichung, Discovery Channel said in a statement issued on Sunday. Over a 10-week period, trainee rangers undergo a variety of arduous training to learn combat skills under extreme conditions in the mountains, the channel said. For instance, one of the candidates was quoted by the channel as saying that it was very challenging to swim across a cold lake in the mountain while carrying as much as 30 kilograms of military equipment. "Swimming in those waters felt like being in outer space," the candidate said. "You feel helpless when you're trying very hard to swim with your hands and feet but barely move," he added. This is the first time that Taiwan's amphibious reconnaissance team (frogmen), underwater operations unit - responsible for removing and deploying mines, as well as for ship maintenance - and army rangers have been featured in a Discovery Channel documentary, the channel noted. The first two episodes were broadcast in Taiwan on June 11 and June 18, respectively. The three-episode program will also be broadcast in more than 30 countries across Asia in August, the channel said. (By Elaine Hou)