President pitches for wind power generation

Taipei, May 25 (CNA) President Ma Ying-jeou said Saturday that the government will continue to promote wind power generation as it seeks a diversified power supply and independent power generation.
Ma made the remarks during a tour of a wind power generation plant operated by state-run Taiwan Power Co. at the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park to find out more about wind power generation and hold talks with industry representatives. The president noted that Taiwan's heavy reliance on imported energy makes it subject to fluctuations in international energy prices and said that exploring the ideal combination of all forms of clean and renewable energy could ensure stable and high-efficiency power supplies at reasonable prices. The government aims to diversify the country's power supply and increase its ability to generate its own power, he said. Ma noted that the Legislative Yuan set building a nuclear-free homeland as a target while enacting the Environmental Protection Basic Act. He also pointed out that two years ago when he proposed his energy policy, he said that Taiwan should ensure nuclear power plant safety, steadily reduce nuclear power generation and move toward building a nuclear-free homeland under the prerequisites of no electricity rationing, reasonable power prices and meeting the country's carbon reduction commitments. The development of renewable power has its limits. For instance, the generation of wind power mainly depends on the northeast monsoons, Ma said.
Therefore, he went on, the targets of energy conservation and carbon reduction cannot be ignored as the government strives to develop power sustainability.
(By Wu Jhe-hao and Y.L. Kao)