Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou fails grade near 5th anniversary

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – President Ma Ying-jeou only received a positive response of 46.5 points out of a hundred ahead of the fifth anniversary of his coming to power.
Ma was first inaugurated as president on May 20, 2008, and sworn in for a second and final term on May 20 last year.
The Taiwan Mood Barometer Survey for early May found that the president only received passing marks of 60.7 from supporters of his ruling Kuomintang, with opposition Democratic Progressive Party supporters giving him 35.2 points and independent voters 43.6 points, the Taiwan Indicators Survey Research said. The overall figure of 46.5 was the lowest of any anniversary of his inauguration until now.
On the issue of trust, the poll results were almost the opposite of those recorded in June 2008, just one month after Ma just came to power, TISR said. At the time, 55.4 percent of respondents trusted Ma while 27.7 percent expressed distrust. Five years later, 25.7 percent trust the president with 57 percent saying they don’t trust him.
The new president already faced public dissatisfaction one month into his rule, but the figure markedly increased over the years since, the TISR said. In May 2013, 69.6 percent of respondents expressed dissatisfaction with Ma and 17.9 percent were satisfied, compared to 46.2 percent and 37.8 percent in June 2008 respectively.
Premier Jiang Yi-huah also faced declining approval ratings for the three months since he took office, according to the TISR poll. Support for his performance fell by 3.1 percent to 20.7 percent compared with the Taiwan Mood Barometer Survey conducted in late April. Disapproval with Jiang climbed 2.1 percent to 44.2 percent over the same period.
Only two members of the Cabinet saw their positive ratings outweigh their negative, Interior Minister Lee Hong-yuan with 32.4 percent against 19.2 percent, and Culture Minister Lung Ying-tai with 29.4 percent against 20.2 percent.
The highest negative rating was for Council of Labor Affairs Minister Pan Shih-wei, with 43.3 percent disapproval against 6.7 percent support. The only minister with a lower support rating, 3.4 percent, was for Atomic Energy Council chief Tsai Chuen-horng, according to the poll.
Foreign Minister David Lin scored the highest figure, 76.9 percent, for indifference or unawareness by the public, but the poll was taken before the current dispute with the Philippines.
The popularity of the DPP was rising, with 30.9 percent of respondents ‘feeling good’ about the opposition party compared to 24.8 percent feeling the same about the KMT. The ruling party’s negative rating rose by 3.5 percent to 50.1 percent with the DPP’s dropping by 4.8 percent to 35 percent compared to the April survey.
The TISR said it received 1,001 valid samples for its opinion poll conducted May 8-9, with a margin of error placed at 3.1 percent.